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From job seeker to care worker.

It could be you!

You could be an excellent care worker. Yes, you! You’ve already shown that you can care for other people. Practical tasks are not a problem. Good hygiene, a decent cook, organised … what are you waiting for?

There are people who need you right now. Those who require help and support to maintain personal and physical independence. And remain living within their own homes.

You could be like Debbie, who successfully took the path from job seeker to care worker. We asked Debbie some questions about her past and current role.

How long had you been seeking employment?

Two years.

What, if any, jobs have you had in the past?

Chambermaid and shop assistant in a bakery.

What interested you in becoming a care worker?

My Nan became unwell with dementia. She was at the first stages and I thought I would like to care for her. I was also with a work programme at the time and they recommended I look into care.

Did you have any relevant vocational skills or qualifications?

I had none.

Do you think you had any relevant personal experience or attributes that were relevant to the role?

I was an informal care worker for my Nan and I am a mother and a nan.

How did you hear about Care Outlook?

My local work programme.

How did you prepare for your first interview?

I learned about the job role. And I listened to what my advisor said about the background of the company and job description.

What did you discover during the interview?

I learned everything about the job role, including all of the difficult parts. I felt very informed once I left, but also very excited.

How would you describe your experience of the induction and training?

I was very surprised. I wasn’t the best at school and did not think I would be able to write, listen, and learn but I did!

I was very nervous but my trainer was very welcoming, down to earth, and never judged me when I was learning.

How did you feel on completion of the training?

I was ecstatic. I was so proud of myself, I told everyone that I had achieved something that I never thought I would be able to do. I think it was because I loved the job so much and I like to learn that got me through it.

What was your first period like as an actual care worker?

I couldn’t wait for it to happen. After my shadowing period, I was eager to go out and do the role officially.

When I first started, it was hard. I used my training and my passion. The office staff were very supportive of me and guided me. My interviewer checked in on me through my probation (and my whole employment so far) to make sure I was getting on well and made me feel I was doing a good job.

How long have you been in the role now?

It will be three years in April.

What do you enjoy most about the role?

Meeting clients and challenges. Everyone is different and some days can be harder than others. It can be challenging but it is very rewarding to see a smile on their faces.

Are there any memorable moments you would like to share?

Building rapport with the people I see. Helping them to feel better and making them feel positive about the service they are receiving from us. Helping promote their independence and assisting them with a better quality of life.

I have made bonds with my colleagues and my line manager is always on hand to give advice and support when I have needed it.

What ongoing career and knowledge development do you gain?

I have been on different training sessions and gained qualifications. I recently did a course in dementia awareness which has helped me greatly when caring for someone.

What do you think the greatest demands are in the role?

Building trust. If you do not have trust, you cannot provide the best level of care.

What attributes do you think a care worker should have?

They need to care. I think that is the top. They also need to have a passion to want to do the role.

How would you summarise your role?

I feel quite important to the people I help. I am very proud to be a care assistant. I wished I had done this years ago.

What do you know now about care working that you didn’t when job seeking?

It is not as easy as people believe but it is more rewarding than people could ever imagine.

What advice would you give to job seekers interested in a role as a care worker?

Go for it. No hesitation, just go for it. Even if you have doubts as long as you have the passion you can do it!

Would you recommend the role of a care worker?

I would go on the News to recommend this job role to everyone!


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