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Why Care Matters...

Why Care Matters...

Your mum, his son, her grandad, and their loved one.

At some point in our life, we’ll all encounter the need for care. Whether it’s us personally or someone close to us - there will always be a need for quality caregivers.

The need for care matters to us all.

Yet, those delivering care can often go unrecognised, uncelebrated and restricted by benefit systems, contracts, travel and their own support networks.

How many care workers are subsidising their own DBS checks and travel costs simply in order to work? Or, travelling unmanageable distances with unrealistic windows to deliver their care.

Back in 2005, we started as a family-run business to put quality care first. We also recognised that without the right caregivers behind us that wouldn’t be possible.

We came up with a recent rebrand with this in mind. To ensure our staff are recognised, enabled and rewarded for the quality care that they provide.

A carer is a lifeline for those that need it. A supportive anchor. A personal connection. A carer is someone that restores the quality of life for those that can’t achieve it on their own.

Why care at home matters

Your home is your sanctuary, your castle and a representation of your independence. It can also become your prison, a lonely place and unmanageable without the right support.

The role of a carer is much more than a cup of tea, a shared conversation or ferrying those that can’t otherwise travel from A to B.

It’s about companionship, routine and being there to hear what those in need are saying.

Most importantly, care at home restores a level of choice, independence and comfort to those who may face losing it.

What matters to care workers?

The care itself, and that they’re able to provide it properly.

This means being enabled by the company they work for, supported, recognised and upskilled in the areas they would like.
To us, that means investment in the carers. Creating a community for them both personally and professionally and listening to what they need from us.

We want our carers to be the point of contact with a dedicated network of support behind them.

At Care Outlook we’re looking to build on the 800 workers that now fly under our banner. We want to do this by listening to our carers to enable them to deliver the best quality care.

- Care Outlook

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